US Powerball & Mega Millions Jackpots near AUD $1.306 Billion

Powerball News

The PowerLuck (aka US Powerball) and MegaLuck (aka US Mega Millions) International lotteries are currently offering a staggering combined jackpot of USD $863 million or AUD $1.306 Billion, creating significant worldwide interest as both lottery games approach their respective drawings on this Friday and Saturday evenings.

The anticipation has certainly grown in the wake of several weeks without an individual winner claiming the top prize in either lottery.

As MegaLuck gears up for its Friday night draw, the annuitized jackpot is poised at an impressive USD $395 million OR AUD $597 million, with a cash upfront option of USD $188.2 million. Meanwhile, Saturday’s PowerLuck jackpot stands at an estimated USD $468 million or AUD $709 million, a sum that climbed following Wednesday evening’s draw after no major prize winners were found.

In total, the lump-sum values for the grand prizes of both lotteries combine to an impressive USD $408.5 million, underscoring the pure excitement surrounding these enormous US lottery jackpots. As the draw dates approach, lottery enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the possibility of a life-changing jackpot win.

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