Play US Powerball and International Lotteries

Are you wanting to play and buy US Powerball, Mega Millions Lottery, Lotto and other International Lotteries online from Australia but are unsure about where to start, who to play with, how to buy your tickets online and how it works ? Well you’ve come to the right place ! Read our easy guide below on how it all works and you’ll be confident and ready to go.

Who is theLotter?

TheLotter has been around since 2002. They were the first lottery site to allow people from around the world to play lotteries in other countries. They now have more than 25 offices in countries including Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Spain, Germany, Italy and South Africa.

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Do I get real lottery tickets?

Yes, you do. Unlike some other online lottery vendors where you bet on the outcome of the lottery draw, with theLotter you purchase a real physical ticket in the draw.

How theLotter works is they have offices across the globe in countries that run massive lotteries. When you purchase an entry online theLotter acts as a ticket purchasing service or ticket courier service, buying you official tickets in all your required draws. The real tickets are then scanned and added to your account as proof of your purchase.

So can I Play and Buy US POWERBALL tickets online from Australia? Yes you sure can !

When you buy a powerball ticket in our matched USA PowerLuck lottery, we will buy a matching ticket in US Powerball in America. Australians are eligible to play in the US Powerball lottery through The Lotter’s matched USA PowerLuck service.

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What Lotteries are available to play?

TheLotter Australia currently accepts entries into 52 different International lotteries worldwide, and they are constantly adding more. Try your luck in some of the richest lotteries including US Powerball, the US Mega Millions and EuroMillions, all of which have been known to reach jackpots in the hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars.

Some of the most well-known International lotteries include:

For help playing some of the biggest lotteries read these useful guides:

For Lotteries in Australia, you can purchase tickets in the 5 main weekly draws via Trusted Australian lottery provider ie: Monday Lotto, Tuesday Oz Lotto, Wednesday Lotto, Thursday Powerball and Saturday Lotto.

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How do I collect my winnings?

If you are lucky enough to win a jackpot (a major prize) then you may have to collect your winnings in person from the official lottery operator. If this is the case theLotter Australia will help you work out what to do and may even fly you to collect your winnings. They will also provide you with the original ticket.

Other winnings of secondary prize pools (not the jackpot or division one) can usually be transferred to your account which you can then choose to withdraw. Once again, if you win a prize theLotter customer service team will help you claim your winnings.

Taxes can apply to some International lottery winnings, and are subject to the tax system of the country where the lottery is held. The good thing about playing Australian lotteries is that all winnings are tax free.

The majority of lotteries allow you to collect your winnings anonymously, including Australian draws, however if you are worried about what is disclosed contact theLotter’s customer service team and they can help you.

Are there any special offers?

Multi Draws

Multi draws are ticket packages where you buy your entry tickets in advance. You can buy 5, 10, 25 or 52 draws with the same numbers and save up to 25%.


Play every draw consecutively in your selected lottery until you decide to cancel. You will receive every 10th lottery ticket free and also receive 25 VIP points. You can change and update your numbers whenever you want, you only pay for the draws as you go and you can pause and reactivate your subscription whenever it suits you.


Bundles are special packages that give you the best of two options by combining a personal entry ticket and syndicate shares.


If you want to increase your chances of winning you can join a lottery syndicate on theLotter. A syndicate is where a group of people buy lottery tickets together and then each person owns a share of the collective tickets and will therefore get a proportionate part of any winnings.

To make things easy, theLotter creates syndicates for the top lotto draws and pre-purchases lots of tickets. There are different types of syndicates based on the number of lines and how the numbers have been selected.

VIP Club

When you use theLotter you earn VIP points. The more points your earn the higher your VIP status and the greater discounts you receive up to 20% off your lottery ticket purchases.

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How can I buy tickets to play lotteries online?

With theLotter you can buy your lottery tickets, check your results and see your tickets online at our website here or via your iPhone, iPad and Android apps.

Is theLotter Licensed and Safe?

Yes. TheLotter is operated by Gaineroo Australia Pty Ltd ACN 638 202 114 and licenced and regulated by Australia’s Northern Territory Government under the Australian Gaming Control Act 1993 NT.

What if I need help or have more questions?

TheLotter Australia has two easy ways to contact them: There is live chat on the website or email support from here in Australia.

Visit theLotter’s website to learn more and sign up today.