Record $100 Million Powerball Won By Sydney Woman

Powerball News

A woman in her 40s from Sydney has won the largest ever individual Australian lottery prize, taking home over $100 Million in Thursday night’s Powerball draw number 1183 on January 17, 2019.

The final division one prize pool ended up a massive $107,575,649.08 because of the huge number of entries in the draw.

Not only was the win the largest single win in Australian lottery history, but it was also the largest lottery prize pool as it just nudged the previous $100 Million Powerball from August 16, 2018.

The win eclipsed the previous individual lottery prize of $70 Million won by a man from Hervey Bay back in 2016.

When contacted by lottery officials with the life-changing news, the woman was extremely excited and initially thought she has won a more modest $107,000.00.

“Oh my god, $107,000! That’s amazing!” she said.

“Wait – are you telling me I’ve won $107 million?! Oh my god! That is just so much money!”

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, also told officials how she planned to use her windfall.

“I’m a healthcare professional but I won’t be retiring! I’m so passionate about my job. It will drive me to do more health work for causes important to me,” she said.

“I’ll be sharing it with my family. I thought of my family when I purchased the ticket!

“I’m not quite sure what to do but of course I will be helping my family.

“I’ll be giving my favourite charity some money! They’ll get a whole slab of money!

“All the win gives me is the chance to go and do the things I’ve always want to do.

“We might buy a caravan and travel around too.”

The regular lotto player also revealed that she only decided to purchase the ticket the day before the draw, and bought her ticket online with random numbers on a 12-game marked entry.

Powerball Draw. No. 1183 Full Division Results

The winning numbers were 20, 18, 33, 22, 11, 26 and 4, with number 9 as the Powerball.

The Powerball draw featured a massive 3,856,275 prizes worth more than $68.4 million won in the other division pools. This large number of winners included 20 division two winning entries, who had all seven main winning numbers but were missing the Powerball, that claimed a prize of $94,792.90 each.

Division Division Prize Division Prize Pool Winners
1 $107,575,649.08 $107,575,649.08 1
2 $94,792.90 $1,895,858.00 20
3 $4,422.05 $1,158,577.10 262
4 $433.35 $2,106,514.35 4861
5 $155.65 $1,580,003.15 10151
6 $70.40 $10,216,588.80 145122
7 $41.45 $8,009,134.80 193224
8 $17.55 $15,802,669.35 900437
9 $10.65 $27,713,408.70 2602198