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Powerball Jumps to $80 Million Jackpot

Powerball has jumped to a massive jackpot of $80 million this week for draw number 1182 on Thursday, January 10 2019, after there was no winner in last weeks $50 million draw. An $80 million jackpot has only ever been won once in Australian Powerball history, and that was way back in July 2009 when…

Powerball News

Powerball Jackpots to $80 Million & Oz Lotto to $70 Million

$150 Million could be won this week in what is the largest week in the history of Australian lotteries with the Oz Lotto jackpot hitting $70 million and Powerball reaching a record equalling $80 million. After no tickets won either of last week’s Tuesday Oz Lotto or Thursday Powerball draws, there is now a combined…