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Luckiest & Unluckiest Powerball Numbers Ahead Of $50 Million Jackpot

Ahead of the $50 Million Powerball jackpot draw tonight, Thursday June 7th, the luckiest and unluckiest numbers have been revealed for the new game matrix. In April this year the Powerball game matrix was changed from drawing 6 balls from the main barrel of 40 plus the 1 powerball from a barrel of 20, to…

Powerball News

$50 Million Powerball Jackpot Thursday June 7th

This Thursday June 7th 2018 will see Powerball Draw No. 1151 jackpot to $50 Million. After no entry won the $40 Million division one Powerball last week, the total prize pool for division one has now jackpotted to huge $50 Million. And if there is no winner again this week, division one with jackpot again…